In association with Tikun, Innate Health and the One Thought Institute, you are invited to the Three Principles Conference 2016. A 3-day convention examining the possibilities for well-being through an understanding of Innate Health and the Three Principles.

The annual conference is an opportunity for people to get a really good feel for this revolutionary  approach to psychology.

Through a mixture of plenary and breakout sessions, leading international speakers and consultants present a broad range of issues and applications where this simple understanding has helped thousands of people live happier, healthier lives.

The conference is for you if you are struggling with life, or simply curious to learn more about your psychology and how the mind works. We welcome those grappling with serious mental health issues, as well as those who feel they are doing well but would enjoy a deeper learning experience.

Past conferences have covered areas such as relationships, business performance, education, mental health, personal well-being, clinical applications and social care.

Previous speakers have included top practitioners in this field from around the world, including: Dr George Pransky, Elsie Spittle, Michael Neill, Dr Aaron Turner, Chip and Jan Chipman, Dr Bill Pettit, Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt, Dr Dicken Bettinger, Dr Mark Howard, Keith Blevins, Mara Gleason, Cathy Casey, Terry Rubenstein and many more.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in personal or professional development, with or without prior knowledge of Innate Health and the Three Principles. We have found the impact of the three days of learning to be powerful and potentially life-changing. Last year saw over 550 participants, so we invite you to be one of the many, and book one of the limited super-early-bird spots.

Our next conference will take place from 21st to 23rd May 2017 at the Allianz Park conference Centre in London.

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