I’ve Been to Counselling Before, How is This Different?

Innate Health is not about counselling. It is for people who want to get the most out of life. The approach addresses similar issues to counselling, but in a very different way.

We do not ask clients to explore their pasts, nor do we teach people to control or manage their thinking, feelings, or behaviour. We feel that neither of these processes ultimately impacts a person’s overall peace of mind. We use an educational approach, teaching people about the power behind human psychological functioning. This gives them the understanding to live with a higher level of well-being, greater connection to others, and less struggle in the face of adversity.

We believe people are born with their mental health completely intact and that they never lose the ability to realise peace of mind, regardless of external circumstance, past events, genetics, or personality.

What are the Benefits of Innate Health?

The objective of this approach is for people to experience their own potential for well-being. This will not eliminate the ups and downs of life but will reduce the degree to which people are negatively affected by them. We teach people what they need to know in order to find, not just contentment and well-being, but also the clarity and wisdom to resolve their own issues. Once our clients discover the resources that are present within them, they are able to navigate independently through the adversities they face at present and in the future.

I’ve Heard This Helps People Very Quickly, Is This True?

There does not seem to be a direct relationship between how long a person has struggled or the degree to which they are struggling and how quickly they transcend that struggle and find their well-being. A person has the potential to change at any moment and it is therefore not constrained or limited by time or sessions attended.

What Are The Other Names for Innate Health?

At Tikun we call this approach Innate Health. The Oxford English dictionaries’ definition of ‘innate’ is ‘inborn, natural,’ and this approach is based on educating people that well-being already exists within all of us. Innate Health utilises a set of three universal principles and therefore other organisations call this approach ‘The Three Principles’. Another term used is ‘Health Realisation,’ since, as the name implies, one wakes up to a realisation of one’s own health. If you see these names used, or derivatives such as ‘innate well-being,’ they all refer to the same approach.