Who We Are

Terry Rubenstein – Co-Author of IHEART Curriculum

Terry Rubenstein is recognised as one of the world’s leading Three Principle Practitioners.  Since discovering her own psychological health after years of mental suffering, Terry has trained under and worked with many of the pioneers in this field.  Over the past decade, she has taught and impacted countless people through her uplifting seminars, workshops, online talks, one-to-one sessions and popular weekly Innate Health blog.

Terry is the author of the ground-breaking book, “EXQUISITE MIND” (MX Publishing).  The book has received outstanding reviews and phenomenal response, touching such a very diverse range of people with its moving story and the profound simplicity of its teachings.

Terry is also one of a very small group of people who brought the Principles to the UK in 2010.  She created and launched the first 3PUK Conference, a three-day annual event featuring many of the world’s most accomplished Principles speakers.  It is now the largest Three Principles conference in the world.

Brian Rubenstein – CEO and Innate Health Practitioner

Brian Rubenstein, CEO of Innate Health, holds an MBA with distinction from Cass Business School and a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling. He is also a trained Innate Health practitioner. Brian spent over a decade working in senior management roles in the non-profit sector before working for a number of years as an internal consultant at a FTSE 100 financial institution in the City of London, giving him extensive experience in leadership and organisation development and management consulting. He now combines this professional background with his understanding of the Principles of Innate Health in working to build the Innate Health Centre and achieve its mission of making the Principles available to all people.

Together with his wife Terry, Brian is the co-author of the Amazon.com best-seller, “Exquisite Mind: how a new paradigm changed my life… and is sweeping the world”, which documents the power, importance and implications of a true understanding of the human mind.

Profile Picture of Shoshanah Kahan Rubenstein

Shoshanah Kahan – Senior Practitioner and Training Lead

Shoshanah has a background in bereavement counselling and adult education.  She has always been looking for a more intuitive approach to psychology and, upon discovering Innate Health, embraced it wholeheartedly.  As a graduate practitioner of the Three Principles Professional Institute, she has incorporated this approach into all her work – teaching and bereavement counselling – seeing incredible results professionally as well as in her personal life. Shoshanah is the Innate Health Centre Programme Manager and is responsible for developing programmes, one-to-one services, teaching individuals and facilitating groups in the Innate Health Centre. She is passionate about making this approach accessible and relatable to all Centre users and the wider community.

Profile Picture of Stacey Levine

Stacey Levine – Innate Health Practitioner and Senior Educator

With a background and Masters in Clinical Psychology.  Stacey worked for over 10 years with individuals in both the psychiatric and private setting but she felt there was something missing within the mental health field. In 2009, Stacey moved to London and discovered the Three Principles.
She immediately knew that this was her missing piece.  She embarked on an incredible journey of learning about this understanding, all the while seeing her own life transform both personally and professionally.  She graduated from the One Thought Institute in 2012 and went on to work for One Thought for two years as both a consultant and teacher. In 2014, Stacey decided to form True North along with Dana Arenson.  She also works at the Innate Health Centre, where she is co-director of the Personal Development Programme.  Stacey loves the work she does and is passionate about sharing this understanding everywhere.

Debbie Fisher – Associate Practitioner

Debbie has been working as a teacher for students with language learning difficulties, helping them to achieve their true potential in an academic setting for over 20 years.
When she first came across the Three Principles at a conference in London, despite her initial scepticism, she came away with a hopeful feeling of wonder, curiosity and a fascination to learn more.  She was eager to explore how this understanding would impact her own ability to live in a world of potential so that she could begin to share this new paradigm with her family, friends, students and colleagues.

Having completed the One Thought Practitioners Training in the Three Principles, Debbie continued her learning on their Graduate Program and started her own private practice which offers sessions for individuals and facilitation to groups who are interested to experience the wonderful benefits of this understanding.  She is delighted to have become an associate with the Innate Health Centre over the last year.


Dana Arenson

Dana Arenson – IHEART Co-Author & Senior Practitioner

Dana graduated with a law degree from the University of Cape Town (BA.LLB). Since then, she emigrated (twice!) and had 4 beautiful children along the way. In 2011, I stumbled upon the Three Principles by chance and was immediately drawn to its truth. Having experienced first-hand the benefits of this understanding Dana knew that she wanted to share it with others and enrolled on the Three Principles Professional Institute in 2013. Dana then spent 2014 further deepening my understanding as a teaching assistant on the Institute.




Ruth Wagner – Operations Manager

Having worked for the best part of 25 years for a variety of charities, Ruth came across the Principles some years ago and felt as if she was “coming home”. When the opportunity of becoming Operations Manager came up at Innate Health – a charity she felt hugely passionate about – she jumped at the chance – and the rest is history! Ruth continues her learning of the Principles as much as time allows and currently is part of the Internship Programme at the Innate Health Centre.



Rai’ut Seider – Programme and IH Plus Manager

As well as having a background in administration, systems management, database, marketing and social media networking, Rai’ut has trained as a 3 Principles practitioner, and really appreciates the impact this learning has had in her life.

Rai’ut has streamlined the administration of the office, by creating system initiatives. Most importantly, she does all this whilst remaining attuned to all users’ needs according to the Centre’s vision. She is very excited to partake in the Centre’s expansion and to assist in its becoming a valuable resource for all our visitors

Katherine Chidiac – Graphic Designer

Kat trained as a graphic designer (BA Hons) specialising in typography at the London School of Arts and later owned a Shoreditch based design company, Complete Creative.  As creative director, she specialised in identity and all aspects of brand communication.  Whilst becoming a mother to four lovely children, she has also found a new passion and retrained in the art of metal smithing and jewellery making alongside an MA in jewellery design.

In parallel Kat has also studied the psychology of psychosynthesis over many years, which helped to frame her work and ethos. Now having discovered a love of the Three Principles, Kat is enjoying working on communication here at the Innate Health Centre where she continues to be committed to developing a language transcending time and culture that speaks to the eternal within us all.