Living Inside Hope – She is Not Broken!

Terry Rubenstein, 26, Jun 2017

And so I meet yet another young woman on the verge of adulthood, convinced that she is broken. Tammy (not …

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I Want You to Change

Rai'ut Seider, 19, Jun 2017

I Want You to Change! One of the banes of the human condition is that we want to change others. …

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Even Crystal Balls Can’t Fast Forward into the Future

Terry Rubenstein, 12, Jun 2017

Yesterday was a day of firsts: the first official day of our first seminar in our brand new Centre in Hendon, …

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Rai'ut Seider, 29, May 2017

This past Friday, as part of the Innate Health IHEART project dedicated to building resilience in the next generation, I …

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Rai'ut Seider, 12, May 2017

I never set out to write a weekly blog. As a busy, working mother of six, I had other aspirations …

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The Peach Who Thought She Had to be a Coconut

Terry Rubenstein, 8, May 2017

From a young age, I always believed that something about me did not feel quite right. It was a bit …

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Why the Habitual, Addictive Cycle Can Be Broken

Terry Rubenstein, 24, Apr 2017

The Little Book of Big Change – the no-willpower approach to breaking any habit, challenges the assumption that we need …

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Thought As A Constant – Some Things Just Don’t Change

Terry Rubenstein, 3, Apr 2017

If I could identify one factor that destabilised me for most of my life, it was the experience of feelings …

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Life – A Story of Hope and Healing

Terry Rubenstein, 27, Mar 2017

I rarely watch films, but last week, on an eleven-hour flight en route to the One Solution Conference in Cape …

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What is Innate Health and does it have anything to do with feeling good?

Terry Rubenstein, 6, Mar 2017

In the past, I thought that innate health or resiliency (two ways of expressing the same concept) was a personal or individual characteristic …

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