215 STUDENTS | START DATE: 2016-05-23


A five part exploration of a new paradigm of understanding with Terry Rubenstein and Chantal Burns, joined by Dr George Pransky on week 2 and Dr Dicken Bettinger on week 4 via zoom link, illuminating how the human mind works.
Each session builds further on the fundamental building blocks that inform all of our psychological experience allowing the participants to insightfully learn about their inner workings.
This course points to a potential that lies at the very heart of being human and once recognised allows us to evolve and connect with our true selves in a meaningful and practical way.

Course Reviews

  1. brianbbt says:

    Beginner course
    I definitely enjoyed the course. Although I have already been exposed to the 3 principles, I still learned something new and this was a great reinforcement. Thank you!!

  2. Julian Mann says:

    I really enjoyed this course whi

  3. evokinggrace says:

    Thank you so much, I’m so pleased I decided to take this course because it made me feel more grounded into the Principles. I felt the teaching was very clear, easy and fun which made it very accessible and enjoyable.