Here at the Innate Health Centre we have trained practitioners who can guide you through your feelings, whatever they may be and whomever you may have lost. Our experienced practitioners are here to gently direct you to an understanding of your experience, helping you rediscover your true self in the midst of the confusion, so that you can begin to heal from within.

We offer:

  • Face-to-face guidance
  • Skype/email/telephone guidance
  • Guidance for teenagers and children
  • Guidance for carers of mourners
  • Group discussions on bereavement


To inquire about any of the above please call Shoshanah on 020 8912 1201 or email

All of our services are purely educational. We do not diagnose, treat, employ interventions, or counsel our clients, as the goal of our programmes is not therapeutic. The goal and focus of each programme is the individual’s understanding of the Three Principles behind the Innate Health approach which can lead to increased well-being and resilience.