Innate Health allows people to understand how deeply they can influence themselves and their relationships. You will gain an understanding of how to nurture or recapture the love, closeness and quality of your relationship at any stage of life.

“Learning about this approach has deepened our love and commitment to each other and given us faith that life will work itself out without us needing to analyse and fix everything.” Georgina B

We offer

  • Refresh and Enhance your Marriage/Relationship Programme
    Allowing you to take a fresh look at your marriage and gain a new understanding that can only enrich and enhance your relationship
  • Sessions for individuals and couples with Innate Health practitioners
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Whether you are in the honeymoon phase, really struggling in your relationship, or somewhere in between, learning how state of mind is the key factor to a thriving, healthy relationship is valuable and vital. The difference between relationships that are close and loving, and those that are filled with tension and issues, is merely a misunderstanding of the dynamics of relationship. The Principles of Innate Health inform couples of the fundamental workings of a healthy relationship which are profound, simple and sustainable.


“Once I had the clarity to see it was just my personal thinking that created the problems within my marriage and not actually my husband, I was able to fall in love with him all over again.” Rebecca M

“From my understanding of Innate Health, when I go off on one about the house being a mess, I know it’s a sign I’m in a low place rather than blaming my wife.” Matthew P

“I would highly recommend the workshop to all married couples, those struggling , and especially to all newlyweds, as its imperative to know these simple truths, ideally before any issues arise.”  

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone seeking to gain clarity, peace of mind and perspective”.

“This course has given me the ability to view my circumstance, emotions and relationships in a whole different light. Regardless of my destiny, this course has helped me see that with my thoughts I create my own reality.”