The Innate Health approach offers a refreshing and simple solution for any type of mental distress which might rob you of your peace of mind – be it stress, depression, anxiety, phobia, panic attacks, obsessive thinking, poor self-esteem or addictions of any kind. We provide an understanding that will give you a new platform to access the mental health that is within every human being.

Innate Health practitioners provide an education of how our psychology works and what role thoughts and feelings have in unlocking the key to mental health. This can then transform the way you relate to your moment-to-moment experience of life without having to change it, thereby allowing you to navigate your ups and downs with grace and resilience.

If you have a specific issue you would like to talk through with one of our Innate Health practitioners that you feel cannot be dealt with in one of our seminars and classes, we offer one-to-one confidential sessions. These can be on a weekly basis or more intensively over three to four days. Click here for more details.

We also offer regular seminars and events on mental health issues.

All of our programs and guidance are purely educational. We do not diagnose, treat, employ interventions, or counsel our clients, as the goal of our programmes is not therapeutic. The goal and focus of the programme is the individual’s understanding of the Three Principles behind the Innate Health approach which can increase your well-being and resilience. All our practitioners are qualified and supervised by the 3 Principle Professional Institute.

“This course was a marvelous journey of understanding of how the Three Principles working together create mental health, and how innocent use of thought can create dis-ease. In my view this training should be on the curriculum of every mental health practitioner training programme! Really great. Thank you.” Claire F. Social Care and Health Trainer and Lecturer