“Learning about the Three Principles has opened up a new world for me, giving me the ability to understand my emotions and not be a slave to my anger, sadness and anxiety.” Simcha (13)

Issues which commonly arise during this period of our lives are:

  • Exams and peer pressure
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Social issues
  • Feelings of depression, stress and/or anxiety
  • Issues navigating parental and/or sibling relationships

We can help you understand how to:

  • Feel more self-confident in the face of life’s challenges
  • Establish more stable and meaningful friendships
  • Learn to exert your independence without stepping on anyone’s toes
  • Find the solution to exam pressure and stress

If any of these feel relevant to you, or you are just curious to learn something profound and fundamental about life and our inner workings, then come join our classes for teenagers.

“Innate Health is an understanding of our psychology that simplifies all the things that make life feel complicated and confusing. Come and enjoy learning how your psychology works, which will instantly take the pressure off and give you a huge amount of perspective on your experience of life itself. We teach how thought works at its most fundamental level – by learning this you will see how you can have your thinking without your thinking having you!!!” Terry Rubenstein

Daughter – I do feel i have gained an appreciation of innate health.  It  has made me more aware of everything and it has definitely helped me to control my responses to particular situations.  I felt the most valuable thing i learnt was to gain insight into the thoughts of everyone – not only my own and to understand that everyone thinks!  Alyssa Shine – daughter 

“I found most valuable is that i can talk to my mum about anything and also about the exercises when we have to try and think about nothing. 

The realisation that my children have the ability to make the right choices by tapping in their own inner wisdom.  I also realised not to get caught up in the context of my story but listening to the feeling of the conversation beyond the words”.  Yael Shine – mother

I enjoyed the course because it allowed me to spend quality time with my daughter without any interruptions and having to think about our individual behaviours.”   Jane Epstein – mum

Bring your friends and enjoy a fascinating discussion by experienced practitioners (as well as some delicious refreshments).

We also offer events for parents of teenagers who want to build a stronger connection and understand their teenagers. For more information see calendar below, or visit our Parenting page here.