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A thrilling 3P-based novel for Young Adults

by Brian Rubenstein

  • What if your life as you know it is about to implode?
  • What if you suspect that your closest friends have committed a serious crime?
  • What if you found that everything you believed was suddenly called into question?

Life seems pretty unfair to Evan, a North London teenager with a serious attitude. His mother drinks too much and owes a load of money to a threatening bookmaker. He’s never known his father. His gang of friends are in jail. And he was just suspended from school. Sure, he’s still got his awesome dog, Brock, and his best friend, Atalia, but by Evan’s reckoning, things aren’t looking too good.

Then, just when it seems as if life can’t get any worse … Evan discovers a knife streaked with blood. He’s pretty sure he knows who it belongs to and what the knife was used for. But what can he do about it? Will he do anything about it?

Enter a strange group of people, sharing some even stranger ideas. About thought. About feelings. And about the superpower of the mind. Somehow, without intending to, Evan discovers how his experience of life is only ever created from the inside-out. Armed with this new understanding, Evan confronts his demons and his struggles, his family and his friends, his past and his future, arriving at insights and decisions that will change his life forever.

From the gritty council estates of London to the rolling plains of the African wilderness, follow the thrilling adventures of a young man who learns that life is not what he thought it was.

Follow Evan on his journey as he begins to see that so much of life is an outside-in … ILLUSION.


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