With Professor Anthony Kessel & Elizabeth Marmur

When we understand that we create and live in a thought-generated experience of reality, it can feel a bit like having a superpower – especially when it leads to impactful change both on a personal and professional level.

Elizabeth and Anthony will explore how their understanding of the Three Principles has affected them personally and has had practical implications for their professional lives – Elizabeth as a communication skills trainer, and Anthony as a physician and global health director (https://medium.com/@AKessel). They will also discuss their academic article, co-authored by Michael Neill and Rif Malik, that was recently published in the Journal of Public Mental Health. The article outlines the Three Principles and considers the potential of this understanding to transform lives.

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About Anthony Kessel

Professor Anthony Kessel is a public health physician, medical ethicist and a GP. Over the past eight years Anthony has led the international health work of the country’s national public health agency as Director of Global Public Health at Public Health England, and Director of Public Health Strategy, Director of R&D and Medical Director at the Health Protection Agency. Anthony’s other leadership responsibilities in these roles have included antimicrobial resistance, climate change, clinical governance, and responsibility for the revalidation and professional performance of over 600 medical consultants across the national public health system. Previously, Anthony was Director of Public Health and Medical Director at Camden Primary Care Trust.

Throughout this period, Anthony has also held a university position as Honorary Professor and Co-ordinator of the International Programme for Ethics, Public Health and Human Rights at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. He has an active research portfolio with significant levels of grant funding attained, and has over 100 publications in areas of public health and medical humanities, including a sole author book Air, the Environment and Public Health (Cambridge University Press, 2006). Anthony has also authored a children’s book The Amazing Adventures of Perch the Cat (Matador, 2013), and writes a personal column exploring his global health leadership work through a lens of psychological wellbeing, ‘Global Health Experience’ (https://medium.com/@AKessel).


About Elizabeth Marmur

Elizabeth Marmur is a communications skills consultant and trainer. She is a classically trained actor (Central School of Speech & Drama) – with 18 years experience working in radio, theatre, film and television – and an NHS-qualified speech and language therapist (City University). Having also trained in counselling (Westminster Pastoral Foundation, RELATE) and as a Three Principles practitioner (One Thought Institute), Elizabeth combines the techniques and methods from these backgrounds in her work as a specialist in communication skills.

Elizabeth works with teams and individuals of all ages, ranging from executives and professionals to school-age children. The scope of her practice includes witness familiarisation (preparing witnesses for court and tribunal appearances), team facilitation, interview and presentational skills training, and one-to-one coaching.