With Rudi Kennard

Do you have ‘difficult’ people in your life? Maybe family members, friends or work colleagues?  Do their interactions with you leave you feeling down or insecure?  Then this talk may be just what you need!

I personally am up with a lot of people suffering their own mental storms, and their internal storms often pulled me into a blackness and despondency, and other times anger and disbelief at how others could behave. Then I came across and understanding who’s implications allowed me a lot more understanding of the storms and also the sunshine, allowing others to ‘affect’ me so much less. My situation didn’t change, nor did the people in my life, but my personal experience of both changed dramatically. I never knew it was possible to live with so much more love, forgiveness and understanding, but also the authenticity, to be honest, speak your truth and not be ‘walked over’ any longer, and all these personal changes had come about as a side effect of uncovering an impersonal truth.

I very much look forward to connecting with you during this talk!

£5.00 – Pre-Book,   £8.00 – At the door

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Advanced and Livestream bookings for this event will close at 4pm on 31st October

About Rudi

After spontaneously experiencing a profound shift in consciousness 22 years ago, Rudi ‘searched’ to explain this insight with others so trained in many mind technologies including NLP and hypnotherapy, then went on to teach Chi Gong and mindfulness meditation.

Thirteen years ago he came across the three principles and trained with the originator Sydney Banks and its pioneer Dr Roger Mills. Rudi spent over three years full time voluntarily creating the www.3principlesmovies.com web site as a free resource for the world and now trains facilitator in the understanding internationally. Rudi has written for magazines, spoken on the radio, and trained others in this understanding within the fields of addiction, business, education, to prison and jail inmates, and more recently with earthquake survivors in Nepal.

Rudi is currently writing a book and filming a worldwide cinematic documentary on the three principles paradigm.

You can learn more about Rudi and his work at www.innatewellbeing.co.uk and www.kennardconsultancy.com

Or attend a virtual conference specifically around resilience that Rudi co-created on the 21st of October www.realisingresilience.com