With Bestselling Author Chantal Burns and Change specialist Vivienne Edgecombe


Have you ever felt like you need more motivation or confidence?

Do you think you need to get into a motivated state to take action or make a change?

There are some major myths that can hold us back…..that stop us from taking action or making important changes.  When we see through these myths, we discover a freedom and ease that’s always available to us.

Chantal Burns

Chantal Burns is a teacher, consultant and executive coach with 25 years experience working with change-agents, organisations and teams. She’s also the bestselling author of Instant Motivation, a research-backed Principle-based business book published by Pearson in 2015.   She runs the Conscious Leadership School working with the private and public sector, bringing an ‘Inside-out’ education to leaders, teams and individuals. Chantal brought the first Principles based education to Japan in 2012 and also led the first major Principles programmes for social workers/leaders in the UK.

Vivienne Edgecombe

Having worked for many years in the field of HR and Change, Vivienne sees the potential for people to have a much easier and more enjoyable experience of the challenges life sends our way.  With a focus on change and resilience, Vivienne now shares an inside-out understanding with individuals and in business, to point people towards the truth that they have everything they need to thrive, no matter what the circumstances.

She also works with Chantal Burns at the Conscious Leadership School, where the mission is to ‘Change the world, one leader at a time’.

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