With Brett Chitty and Tess Christie


When shyness occurs, generally speaking, we do one of two things. Either, 
1. We feel as though we cannot attend an event we wanted to go to, or to meet someone. The shyness makes us want to “give it a miss.”

2. We feel as though we should not let the shyness hold us back, and that we need to do something about it, so that we can attend the event or meet someone. We do it by trying to overcome the shyness with courage (sometimes lots!) or with willpower (sometimes lots!). It’s exhausting! 

Both Tess and Brett have experienced shyness in their lives, sometimes severely so. Both of them knew shyness was a big factor in their lives that affected their social interactions and decreased their confidence in their ability to be resilient in what they wanted to do.

After Tess and Brett both came across the “Three Principles Paradigm,” they realised that there was a logic behind the human experience that explained how shyness occurred. This logic enabled them to no longer be affected by the shyness, and were able to go to events and meet people in a more resilient and confident way. They had less on their minds and were able to enjoy social interactions with a freedom and intelligence that they previously thought was not possible.

This talk will be interactive, engaging, and insightful as Tess and Brett share their story and how this valuable and usable logic that cleared up the clutter that was getting in the way of experiencing a more fruitful life.