With Ali Scott & Terry Rubenstein

In this presentation, Ali will share how anyone can parent without pressure or guilt. Therefore, helping their children discover the resilience and well-being that lies deep within them. While it’s normal for parents to sometimes feel overwhelmed, when they see through a simple misunderstanding, that Ali will reveal and discuss, their children can flourish—and they can too.


£5.50 – Pre-Book,    £8.00 – At The Door

Please Book in Advance to Avoid Disappointment 

Advances and Livestream bookings for this event will close at 4pm on the 6th February 


About Ali Scott

Ali Scott is a coach, speaker, and workshop leader. She works with couples, families, individuals and groups; helping them reconnect with their innate wellness, resilience and creativity. In addition, Ali has specialised training in helping “parents in crisis” improve their relationship with their children .

About Terry Rubenstein

Terry Rubenstein is co-founder and Director of the Innate Health Centre and is recognised as one of the world’s leading Three Principle Practitioners.  Since discovering her own psychological health after years of mental suffering, Terry has trained under and worked with many of the pioneers in this filed.  Over the past decade, she has taught and impacted countless people through her uplifting seminars, workshops, online talks, on-to-one sessions and popular weekly Innate Health blog.

Terry is the author of the ground-breaking book, “EXQUISITE MIND” (MX Publishing).  The book has received outstanding reviews and phenomenal response, touching such a very diverse range of people with its moving story and the profound simplicity of its teachings.

Terry is also one of a very small group of people who brought the Principles to the UK in 2010.  She created and launched the first 3PUK Conference, a three-day annual event featuring many of the world’s most accomplished Principles speakers.  It is now the largest Three Principles conference in the world.