Going through the end of a relationship and divorce can be a very challenging time. Here at the Innate Health Centre, we have a ‘Mum’s Support-to-Grow’ Group, where single or separated mums meet monthly with trained practitioners, to provide support to one another whilst going through or following, separation or divorce. The group brings mums together in a comfortable, ‘safe’ environment where they can build a network, share experiences and seek advice and support from each other and Innate Health Practitioners.

This term the group will be meeting:

Thursday 28 SEPT ’17

Thursday 26 OCT ’17

Thursday 7 DEC ’17

Thursday 28 DEC ’17

About Debbie

Debbie has been working as a teacher for students with language learning difficulties, helping them to achieve their true potential in an academic setting for over 20 years.

When she first came across the Three Principles at a conference in London, despite her initial scepticism, she came away with a hopeful feeling of wonder, curiosity and a fascination to learn more.  She was eager to explore how this understanding would impact her own ability to live in a world of potential, so that she could begin to share this new paradigm with her family, friends, students and colleagues.

Having completed the One Thought Practitioners Training in the Three Principles, Debbie continued her learning on their Graduate Program and started her own private practice which offers sessions for individuals and facilitation to groups who are interested to experience the wonderful benefits of this understanding.  She is delighted to have become an associate with the Innate Health Centre over the last year.

About Naila

Naila has extensive experience in counselling, coaching and business. For the last 12 years, she has combined all her experiences to provide executive coaching, accelerated counselling sessions and facilitate transformational personal development workshops and trainings.  Her clients range from Directors/Senior Managers in the corporate world to individuals from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.  Her passion for learning and developing means she uses the current, most effective and leading edge resources to provide clients with fast and powerful results.  She has a knack of getting to the heart of the matter quickly, effectively and compassionately.  Helping clients to gain a deeper understanding of how they function psychologically and the impact their thinking has on them.  Empowering them to experience the inner freedom to create lasting change insightfully, and to live successful, balanced and happier lives more easily.