With Jenny Anderson & Terry Rubenstein

Contrary to what many of us believe, we are not born with a self-image.

Rather what we think about ourselves – and what others think about us – are creations of Thought. Sometimes this thinking is visible to us and sometimes it is invisible to us.

This is something that both Terry and Jenny came to understand in their own journey of discovering about the true nature of self-identity. Knowing that our views about ourselves are thought-created and that they don’t actually have power over us, frees us to be who we are in the moment. This is unburdening and releases enormous potential for all of us and can open up a whole new world of possibility and change.

If you are ready to look deeper than the current thinking about ‘self-esteem’ and ‘identity’, then this evening’s talk is for you.


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About Jenny Anderson

Jenny Kennard (now known as Jenny Anderson) and her former husband Rudi Kennard have a great reputation in the 3P community. If you are looking for quality, affordable training or the chance to listen to international 3P speakers, then check out their websites Innate Wellbeing and Three Principles Movies.

The Three Principles Movies website provides hundreds of hours of of documentaries, interviews and training sessions from national and international trainers. Many of the resources on this site are free and the website provides a useful step towards learning more about the Three Principles.

Jenny Anderson as 3P facilitator

Jenny Kennard is an inspiring lady. When she started out she never dreamt she would be a facilitator and trainer. However the impact of the 3Ps on Jenny has led her to facilitate groups around the world. She has transformed from a shy and introverted woman to self-assured trainer and facilitator.

Recently Rudi and Jenny Kennard travelled to Nepal (after receiving a request from a resident) to support the community following the earthquake. They recorded a series of blogs about their experiences.


About Terry Rubenstein

Terry Rubenstein is co-founder and Director of the Innate Health Centre and is recognised as one of the world’s leading Three Principle Practitioners.  Since discovering her own psychological health after years of mental suffering, Terry has trained under and worked with many of the pioneers in this filed.  Over the past decade, she has taught and impacted countless people through her uplifting seminars, workshops, online talks, on-to-one sessions and popular weekly Innate Health blog.

Terry is the author of the ground-breaking book, “EXQUISITE MIND” (MX Publishing).  The book has received outstanding reviews and phenomenal response, touching such a very diverse range of people with its moving story and the profound simplicity of its teachings.

Terry is also one of a very small group of people who brought the Principles to the UK in 2010.  She created and launched the first 3PUK Conference, a three-day annual event featuring many of the world’s most accomplished Principles speakers.  It is now the largest Three Principles conference in the world.