The result of understanding the human mind in the external world are immense.

A new psychological foundation to explain and solve any problem is slowly but surely sweeping the globe and catapulting stagnant issues toward unprecedented, positive change. This understanding is transforming countless individual lives plus poverty-stricken communities in the United States, prison systems in the UK and US, addiction, education, UN work in Africa and the mental health field.

When we don’t understand how the mind works, we blame outside circumstances and as a result feel fear, stress, pressure and conflict. All of these experiences are side effects of misunderstanding our experience. When we understand the mind at the most basic level, more of our natural human capacities emerge: creativity, happiness, understanding, caring, resilience, to name a few.

This seminar is for anyone who would like to learn more about the mind for themselves or someone who is trying to help people, organisations or solve issues, however big or small.

 About Mara

Mara’s life passion has been to ignite a new understanding of the mind that will enable profound change toward a more peaceful, sustainable and prosperous world. Mara has worked with Russian physicists, prison inmates, the US Army and Marines as well as a range of companies including Microsoft. Mara graduated with a Master’s degree from Columbia University in 2006 and is the author of the bestselling book One Thought Changes Everything.

 About Eirik 

Eirik has been fascinated by the relationship between the mind, human capability, and global issues since his experience serving in the Norwegian military and deployment in Afghanistan. After completing his military service, Eirik came across a new understanding of the mind which showed him the missing key to solving complex global issues at the source, in addition to all personal change. This led to him creating NorthMind and a Training Academy for Mentors in Norway before going on to co-found One Solution with Mara Gleason.

Please Note Venue – Central Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb, NW11 7AH

£50 for advanced bookings

£60 on the door