With Ian Watson and Gavin Pressman

Do you ever find yourself compulsively using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Linked In? Do you wonder whether they may be using you, rather than you using them? Do you, your partner, or your children, feel like they are becoming obsessive about how many likes, retweets or “streaks” they’ve managed to get? Do you ever find yourself raging in a comment box, or ranting at a screen?

Or – do you avoid Facebook and other social media platforms like the plague? Would you like to be making use of these modern forms of communication but are afraid of losing your privacy? Or perhaps you are worried about cyber-bullying and getting ‘trolled’!

Join Gavin and Ian for this talk and discussion about how a simple understanding of how we work as humans can open up a whole new way of looking at how we use social media. Be prepared to discover a new perspective on the value and connection social media can bring to your life. We will explore how, with a deeper connection to your own power source, your experience of social media can be a positive one, strengthening the love and value you get from your online networks.

£5.00 – Pre-Book,   £8.00 – At the door

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About Gavin

Gavin is a best-selling author, educator and corporate trainer/coach. He works internationally and coaches senior executives and teams. His eclectic group of clients include some of the world’s biggest corporations, such as Microsoft and Twitter, and some of London’s most creative teams like Global Radio and Takumi. He is also Chair of Governors at Eden Primary and a volunteer teacher on the i-heart programme. He also supports The House of St Barnabas, a homeless charity in Soho, and mentors on its Employment Academy programme.

Having been around the “Self Development world” since taking the EST Training at the age of 15, Gavin has learnt from many teachers including many of the NLP Masters, Yogis, Meditators and plenty of Corporate Leadership Gurus. He is a lifelong learner, and since coming across The Three Principles at Tikun in 2009 has largely focused his own personal development on deepening his understanding of them. He is a slow learner, however, and despite having graduated from the One Thought Academy in 2015, he is still catching himself gripped by his thinking, but he seems to be getting used to catching it earlier and laughing at it a little more.

As well as his corporate and educational work, Gavin has also begun taking Insight Principles in the world of music festivals and is now a regular speaker at Camp Bestival and Wilderness Festivals. Gavin has a relaxed and informal training style, and enjoys learning as he teaches, and sharing with humour. Gavin lives in London with three young children, Yasmin, Saffi and Ziggy, and his wife Jools.

You can connect with him at www.gavinpresman.com and @gavinpresman

About Ian

Ian Watson is an author, educator and consultant who has worked in the field of well-being, self-healing and inner transformation since 1988. He has written books, published articles and travelled extensively giving seminars, courses and retreats around the world.

In 2011, Ian completed an intensive Three Principles Trainer’s Training programme with Cathy Casey and Dr Mark Howard, two of the foremost practitioners who learned directly from Sydney Banks. Since then, Ian’s work has been grounded in an understanding of the principles of innate health. Learning these principles has proven to be the ‘missing link’, pulling together all of the threads that Ian has explored during the past three decades.

Ian founded The Insight Space in 2013 as a vehicle for his workshops, training programmes and consulting work. He is currently involved in a programme with the Pret Foundation, sharing the principles as part of an initiative that helps the homeless get back into work.