With Brett Chitty

Mental Health is literally one thought away. By having a paradigm into the Three Principles, there is an incredible emerging science and logic behind all mental health and mental illness. We see clearly what it is that makes a person become mentally ill, and we also see what it is that makes a person become mentally healthy. Never before in the history of the mental health field that explains so clearly what happens, and the incredible hope it offers for those who wish to understand themselves and be more resilient in their lives. In this talk, Brett will give a straightforward scientific and logical explanation and the life-changing implications it has for our lives.

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About Brett Chitty


Brett had no idea he had it backwards. It wasn’t until there was a moment in 2011, age 36, that he realised that everything he had learnt about life up to that point didn’t make sense.

An insight occurred in Brett’s life late 2015, when the logic of the Three Principles Paradigm was revealed to him. It transformed him by having a come-from that was explaining why he was thinking what he was thinking. Lots of thinking came off his mind. He was living more from a paradigm that had resilience built in. He found himself on a path of evolution far beyond what he thought was possible, and continues today.

Brett is an international speaker, consultant, and facilitator of the Three Principles Paradigm.