Innate Health 4-Day Intensive

What is it and what will the client take away?
Innate Health offers a variety of learning programmes and services to help people of all backgrounds access their innate resilience, realise their potential and maximise their psychological well-being. The most effective and impactful opportunity we offer is a personalised one-to-one immersive learning experience which takes place over the course of 4 consecutive days. This programme is known as an ‘Intensive’.

The Intensive is designed to help the client ‘step back’ from the stresses, pressures and habitual activities of day-to-day life in a relaxed and informal learning environment. This enables the participant to have an undistracted, focused exploration of the concepts being discussed while receiving the undivided attention of an expert practitioner for the entire 4 days. Emphasis is placed on ‘slowing down’ and opening up to an extremely logical and rigorous explanation of how the human mind operates in order to unleash the unique potential in each and every client.

This highly personalised, interactive and dialogue-based experience creates an optimal opportunity for gaining a comprehensive, foundational understanding of the Three Principles of Innate Health. Many past participants, including those with significant past training in various self-development, leadership and psychological models, have commented on the transformational effect of the Intensive, noting lasting impact in their personal and professional lives.

The Three Principles are taught via the Inside-out Resilience Paradigm. This approach offers a ground-breaking understanding of how the mind works in relation to the human experience. It is not therapy, it is not counselling, and it is not a new form of positive psychology. First and foremost, it is a learning experience. We share how all human beings function psychologically. We explain the core principles behind the human psyche and discuss their very significant implications. The aim is for the client to see how this learning practically plays out in his or her own life. The logic of the Inside-out Resilience Paradigm generates a clear and precise direction of learning that is very empowering and often leads to step-changes in a person’s experience. Misunderstandings come to light which have been false barriers to one’s innate resilience and potential, creating unnecessary blockages or limitations.

As clients gain their own insight into this learning, they come away with a greater capacity to manage stress, conflict, upset and disappointment. They experience a deeper sense of personal and interpersonal connection and an increased understanding, tolerance and empathy for other people and their issues. They generate a lasting respect for their own resilience and far more perspective on life and its challenges.

Structure and Timings
The primary learning time consists of 2 one-to-one sessions each day (morning and afternoon) which average about 1½ – 2 hours in length. The day usually begins at 9 am and concludes around 4 pm. (However, as this is a bespoke and individualised learning experience, there is a degree of flexibility that will be applied to the timings based on individual circumstances.) Although there is no formal course outline, there is a clear structure and approach which frames the entire 4-day experience. Each one-to-one session consists of discussion and dialogue that is tailored specifically to the client’s needs and issues, but is always underpinned by the specificity of the Three Principles logic.

Breaks between these sessions allow time for reflection and further learning. The client is encouraged to use these breaks to review the sessions and spend time exploring the supporting materials which are specifically designed for in-between and after-session use as supplementary learning. The client also receives an iPod with downloaded material not publicly available to take home and listen to in the evenings

Prior to beginning the Intensive, a short ‘intake’ call or in-person meeting takes place. This allows the client to express what they are looking for in greater detail, thus assisting the practitioner to tailor the Intensive to the specific needs of the client. Following the intake session, a client may be asked to listen to or read specifically recommended preparatory materials. As part of the programme, 2 follow-up meetings or calls, either on the phone or via Skype, are scheduled post-Intensive to support further learning, evaluate progress from the client’s perspective and address any outstanding issues or questions. At that time, other potential follow-up learning options will be explored and suggested as appropriate.

Even though there is sufficient free time during the 4 days, we strongly urge all of our clients to have no other commitments or meetings during this time. Keeping a free schedule and external distractions to a minimum engenders greater time for reflection and deeper, more insightful learning. This goes a long way to ensuring that a client gains the maximum impact from the Intensive experience.

Who is the lead practitioner?
Terry Rubenstein, Innate Health co-founder and Centre Director, is the practitioner who delivers most of the one-to-one Intensives (unless otherwise discussed) on behalf of the organisation. Terry is widely recognised, both within and outside the UK, as one of the leading mental health educators and thought leaders in the field. She is a much sought-after speaker and is the author of the best-selling book Exquisite Mind: how a new paradigm changed my life and is sweeping the world.

“Previously, letting myself feel as if I had no control over the impact bad memories had on me, made me feel sad and desperate for change. Before the intensive, I was easily reacting, forming a reality based on illusions, believing these illusions. These thoughts consumed me; I was self-critical and felt lost. Then I realised that it’s only my own thoughts causing me to feel these states of mind and that realisation allowed me to regain full satisfaction of the day to day. I realised that suffering by going back into the past doesn’t help. I realised that memories will exist within me but they don’t need to be held onto with such a tight vice. My free will can override the power to drift into bad thoughts. My free will can guide me to the change I was desperate for. After the intensive, I find myself less reactive to memories and triggers and more focused on allowing for the reality I desired.” Anon. (Medical Doctor)

“After my intensive, I feel much calmer and able to stay present in life instead of feeling hopeless and unable to live this life.  This intensive has exceeded any expectations.  I would highly recommend undergoing an intensive with Terry.  She has taught and guided me.  My understanding has deepened in a way that i now feel able to be conscious of life ie present as a truth and how this understanding will allow my life to flow without so much effort.  Life was a struggle as not only did I overthink, but I over analysed everything into microscopic pieces.  The understanding i have now gained will alleviate this.  I have been to many, many seminars on the principles of the years and really “thought” i understood the principles and just found it impossible to live by them.  From day one in the intensive this faded away and i already felt able to know that this way of seeing life was changing and i would change, and my life would deepen.  I am very grateful for this opportunity and honoured to have had Terry as my mentor.  Maria Spalder

One-to-One Sessions

If you would like the opportunity to get a feel for this approach on a one-to-one basis before committing to a course or a three- or four-day intensive, we can offer one-to-one sessions in person and on skype. Each session is usually an hour long, but we are flexible and sometimes find it helpful to spend a few hours at a time with a client. We have different practitioners and are happy to take the time to connect you with someone who suits your schedule and needs.

           “It’s strange to feel how much it has helped in such a short space of time. I feel freerer and calmer and able to assess my actions better, even if i feel upset or stressed my reaction is so much less intense and I am able to reflect on all my emotions and not let them impact on me.”


Intensives and one-to-one sessions are offered subject to the availability of our practitioners.

If you are interested in having a one-to-one or session or an intensive, please see the details below to arrange the next step.

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