Resilience Course  – Foundation Level

This 5-week ‘Inside-Out Resilience Course’ is taught by Brian Rubenstein together with special guest speakers. It can be accessed in person or online via zoom.

We introduce a new logic that reveals the truth about resiliency and non-resiliency, exploring how resiliency is innate and part of our psychological and spiritual DNA. The only barrier to experiencing our innate resilience is a misunderstanding about the way we function psychologically. Recognising the falsehood of this misunderstanding effortlessly allows us to:

  • Get over things quickly
  • Experience more compassion, gratitude, hope, forgiveness, humility, security and love
  • Be more responsive rather than reactive to life
  • Live with less thinking on our mind
  • Communicate more effectively and listen more deeply
  • Stop feeling victimised by circumstances, the past or other people

Resilience Course  – Next Step

This 5-week course – the ‘Next Step’ on the learning journey – is for those who have had an initial introductory experience of the Three Principles or have completed the ‘Inside-Out Resilience’ course or one of our other Foundation courses. It provides an opportunity to gain deeper insight through seeing Thought in the moment as the only possible source of our feelings.  Gaining more insight and depth into the cutting-edge logic of this truth has powerful and practical implications for us all.

When and Who?

Fortnightly sessions led by Debbie Fisher and other practitioners at the Innate Health Centre (or you can participate virtually via zoom link).

Fortnightly webinars on Wednesday evenings from 8-10pm with international speakers followed by questions and further discussion