With Jeremy Bogush & Brian Rubenstein


In this talk, Julia and Jez will discuss the topic of Money, a topic that touches us all. Some say it’s the root of all evil. Others say it makes the world go around.  This talk will be focusing on the illusion of money and the fact that neither is necessarily true.

We will explore where our experience of money comes from, how it works and most importantly how it doesn’t work. Exploring what is behind not having enough money, why the richest person in the world can feel poorer than a homeless man and why money can’t make you happy.

£5.50 – Pre-Book,    £8.00 – At The Door

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Advances and Livestream bookings for this event will close at 4pm on the 30th January


About Jeremy Bogush

Jez Bogush is a 3 Principles practitioner and former Business Leader. His introduction to the Innate resilience that is in all of us has had a profound affect on Jez. This has culminated in him exiting his company to share what he has uncovered in areas including Business, Education and Mental Well being.

About Brian Rubenstein

Brian Rubenstein, CEO of Innate Health, holds a MBA with distinction from Cass Business School and a Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling. He is also a trained Innate Health practitioner. Brian spent over a decade working in senior management roles in the non-profit sector before working for a number of years as an internal consultant at a FTSE 100 financial institution in the City of London, giving him extensive experience in leadership and organisation development and management consulting. He now combines this professional background with his understanding of the Principles of Innate Health in working to build the Innate Health Centre and achieve its mission of making the Principles available to all people.

Together with his wife Terry, Brian is the co-author of the Amazon.com best-seller, “Exquisite Mind: how a new paradigm changed my life… and is sweeping the world”, which documents the power, importance and implications of a true understanding of the human mind.