The Three Principles (also known as Innate Health) is a term describing the constant universal truths or facts that explain and account for all human psychological functioning. These Principles – commonly referred to as Mind, Thought and Consciousness – are the common denominator that explains the psychological source, nature and relationship to all feelings, emotions, attitudes, insights, experiences, wisdom and states of mind. It all comes through Thought.


Just like the principle of gravity physically grounds us, so too do the Principles of Innate Health ground us psychologically. When people are grounded, they have both feet firmly on the ground. They may sway from side to side, but they feel a sense of security. They are anchored and rooted in what is true. They have balance and perspective. They can see everything around them with clarity, enabling them to make sound, responsive and responsible decisions.


Some call this being normal or down to earth. We think that to be normal is to be exceptional. We have been created with a built-in success design that ensures that we are able to experience our innate emotional and psychological health. We have been designed to thrive and to be insightful, wise, loving, creative and resilient.


While these Principles cannot be separated, nor can any one of them be split from the other, they are known independently as Mind, Consciousness and Thought.


Mind is the intelligence beyond our own intelligence. Mind  is not the brain. It is the force that acts as a catalyst and turns Thought, whether conscious or unconscious, into the reality you now see.

Thought is the constant, universal power through which all of life is experienced. The power of Thought is not self-created, therefore we are not referring to “your thought or my thought”. There are no components to Thought; it is an element that can never be broken down into smaller segments.

Consciousness is the awareness that brings our thinking to life through our senses.


Constant Principles which explain all human psychological functioning bring a refreshing, practical and much-needed simplicity to a field that has been complicated by numerous theories and approaches. There is only one barrier that stands in the way of people becoming more resilient and experiencing more mental health: the innocent misunderstanding about how our minds work. The Principles reveal a clear and reliable logic as to how we work and how we do not work psychologically. And their implications are enormous.


Here is how our minds do work:

  • Thought is at the very core of all psychological functioning, for all people.
  • Thought is invisible, so it is often overlooked.
  • We cannot be aware of the outside world if Thought is not included.
  • There is no feeling without Thought but we are often unaware of this fact.

When we attribute our feelings (emotions, moods, attitudes, thinking, states of mind) to outside circumstances, people or events, we are out of alignment with how we work. The implication of this misunderstanding is that we often try to control, overthink, blame, judge, struggle and feel insecure.


But the Principles reveal to us that every human being is operating within a perfect system where creativity, insight, compassion, love, quiet mindedness and deeper wisdom reside as a natural default setting. The mind works according to a constantly reliable logic.  So we know we can depend on it no matter what we come up against. To know and experience the deep and endless potential of our mind is to know and experience that which is always true.


“The problem is not your thinking. The problem is believing that your feelings are coming from something other than your thinking in that moment. Feelings, experience, reality is being created always, only, this one way.”

Valda Monroe