What are the Three Principles of Innate Health?

Discovered by Sydney Banks, the Three Principles of Innate Health are an underlying explanation of the human experience. They are the fabric underpinning our emotional and mental life, accounting for all our joy and misery. Understanding them is the key to psychological freedom.

In the words of Sydney Banks

"Mind is not brain. Neither is it a thing or a thought. It is a psychic force that acts as a catalyst and turns thought, whether conscious or unconscious, into the reality you now see."


The formless energy, or intelligence, behind life


The form this energy takes giving us a moment to moment experience of life


The awareness that brings our thinking to life through our senses

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By accessing Innate Health through the Three Principles you may find:

  • How to access an unshakable resilience even when going through very challenging times
  • Finding peace of mind and quiet when there is no time to take a break
  • Finding deeper and healthier relationships even with so-called “difficult" people
  • Learning to reconnect to the flow of life rather than swimming upstream
  • Learning about the deeper workings of your mind so you can access your wisdom and intuition 

In Summary...

Understanding the nature of Mind, Thought and Consciousness allows you to become less attached to your thoughts and more able to draw from the infinite flow, intelligence and creativity of Mind.

Once you realise, for yourself, through your own insight, that life is created from the inside out, you begin to truly appreciate the security, wisdom and compassion that is sustaining and forming your reality moment-to-moment. You start to have your experiences without your experiences having you. You begin to see that your feelings are coming from Thought, NOT from other people or circumstances. This will keep on bringing you back to a state of presence, and the gift of experiencing life with less on your mind and to a deeper appreciation of your inner resiliency and potential.