New to Innate Health?

We offer many different ways for you to explore and gain an understanding of Innate Health at a beginner level. We are always happy to advise you on options that are most suitable.

Tuesday Innate Health Introduction Classes (term time)

The class is suitable for you if you are either brand new to the Principles of Innate Health or would like to deepen your current understanding. The evening is now divided into two parts:

The first hour will begin with a class on a different topic each week and taught by a variety of professionally trained Three Principle practitioners. Following that, you will have an opportunity to meet and engage with practitioners on an individual basis from 9 pm – 9:30 pm and ask any personal questions that might be on your mind.

“I really look forward to my Tuesday night drop-in class at the Innate Health Centre. Listening to inspiring speakers in a warm, relaxed environment always leaves me with a sense of clarity and positivity which lasts for the rest of my week!” Laura M

Innate Health Foundation Courses for Beginners

During these foundation courses you will be given an appreciation and basic understanding of the Three Principles that are the key to Innate Health, and shown the potential for well-being and contentment that is within all of us.

“The foundation course was an excellent program. Over the five weeks, the Three Principles became more and more simple and easy to understand. It can, and does, change your life no matter what has happened or is happening at the moment.” Sarah A

“On the Foundation course, the 3 P’s are presented in a warm, friendly, welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.  I would recommend the course to anyone of any age and social standing, as it offers an opportunity to view life in a completely new light”

“The Course is a great, affordable way to learn more about the Three Principles.  The facilitators are warm friendly and very experienced, and welcome questions and discussions.  The online learning materials between classes really enrich the experience and the chance to hear from the international speakers during several sessions was fantastic!”

“The course was fantastic and I felt very welcomed by staff and participants.  As a result of attending the course I am now able to take life lightly.  I loved the home work!”