“The PDP course is more than a course.  It is a journey that will stay with you for the rest of your life.  On a practical level, it is do-able, even with loads of commitments and a busy life.  The peer groups are a great opportunity to spend time with other like-minded people who are also looking to grow.  In terms of learning, it is a unique chance to learn from a wide variety of world-class teachers in person and through webinars… On a personal level, through supervisions you are given the opportunity to expand your depth of knowledge and understanding of Innate Health and explore the transformations that it will inevitably make in every area of your life.”  Gemma B.

The Personal Development Programme 2017 (PDP)

This is a ten-month programme specifically designed for those looking to immerse themselves in this new paradigm of psychology, with the aim of gaining a very well grounded understanding in the Three Principles. The programme includes:

  1. 3×3-day seminars which will take place at the Innate Health Centre in February, June and September 2017
  2. 10 Live 1-hour webinars facilitated by a range of world-renowned and experienced Three Principles-based practitioners
  3. 16 one-to-one 1-hour supervisions with a faculty member on a rotary basis, available by telephone, skype or face-to-face
  4. 9 Peer Groups. These are discussions with your peers, facilitated by one or two of the faculty members.
  5. One-day seminars with international speakers

PDP Faculty Heads

  • Terry Rubenstein
  • Stacey Levine

PDP Faculty Team

  • Terry Rubenstein
  • Stacey Levine
  • Yosef Solomon
  • Shoshanah Kahan
  • Jenny Kennard
  • Claire Shutes
  • Jacquie Forde
  • Dana Arenson

Practitioner Training Programme 2017

The aim of our Practitioner Training Program is to provide a quality internship style experience within the framework of the IHC, where you will receive hands on practical guidance and nurturing as you develop confidence and experience in your client work.

You will receive high quality one to one supervisions on your client work as well as attend focused group intensives and webinars to further your own personal grounding. In addition you will shadow the IHC practitioner staff as we partake in our own weekly supervision groups and internal staff trainings.

This year, IHT will be accepting only five candidates for professional training

The Programme will entail

  1. A 3 day group intensive seminar to kick start the training
  2. You will be expected to cover 50 hours of client work over the 12 month period
  3. 15 hours of the above client work will be supervised by an experienced practitioner- either by listening to your recorded sessions or siting in with you and your client
  4. You will facilitate peer groups for our PDP programme
  5. You will receive monthly webinars
  6. You will teach a class at the IHC
  7. You will join in on all IHC practioner training events
  8. You will join in half way through the year on the IHC internal staff weekly supervisions and any other training the IHC provides for its own practitioners and associates
  9. A 2 day group intensive seminar to end the training.

For more info please email Shoshannah@innatehealth.co
Or call 02089121201


All seminars and events organised by Innate Health Centre during the ten-month program will be made available to participants of both the PDP 2017 and IHT 2017 at half price.  We encourage and advise you attend as many as possible.

Application Process

We will be accepting a limited number of candidates for the PDP beginning February 2017 and IHT (date to be advised) in order to tailor the programme effectively.

Applicants will be invited  in autumn 2016 for an interview to determine a place.

CONTACT: Shoshanah for further details

EMAIL: shoshanah@innatehealth.co

PHONE: 0208 912 1201