I am the scariest man I have ever met – and I can’t leave me” was how I described myself to psychologists and therapists as I sobbed on their couches. Brain chemical imbalances were what I was treated for, and my past explored exposing things my mind had quietly let drift away.
I suffered in this way for many years, bringing trouble to my life in many forms – drink, drugs, prison sentence for violence, broken bones, mistrust and fear of life and myself.

Then in August 2013 – I woke up. It was the most unexpected mind blowing experience I could have imagined, it completely changed my world in one moment.

When I saw the simple nature of what we call reality, I fell in love with life and myself for the first time.

When I experienced the beautiful infinite field of possibility that we and everything exists as a part of as a whole, I saw how I had without knowing constructed a nightmare for all those years, nothing more and nothing less.

Simply waking up to the nature of reality is something that is available to everyone, because it is what is happening whether we are in anger or love.

Please join myself Dave Elleray as we shed light on the topic of ‘Anger mismanagement’ at the Innate Health Centre. How the simple shift from believing there is an external world full of things effecting us, to seeing there is only one world we ever experience, and that is truly beautiful beyond comprehension.


About Dave

Dave was born and brought up in the English Lake District, a beautiful environment that could be described as perfect for maintaining mental health and a natural playground for the soul. However, despite this and even with the presence of a loving family Dave suffered periods of depression, anxiety and extreme bouts of destructive anger from around the age of 11.

As an adult and despite these troubling experiences Dave managed to create a successful tree-surgery business but it wasn’t long before he began to suffer a high level of stress which led him to seek  professional psychological help. He regularly suffered suicidal thoughts and began to take unnecessary, dangerous risks as if to “tempting fate”. He was drinking heavily and prescribed drugs to try to alleviate these symptoms.

In July 2013 a friend introduced him to a new understanding of human psychology, based on simple principles that explain what underlies our human experience. Although this understanding did not impact Dave immediately it was just a few weeks later,having watched a video of a man called Sydney Banks, that a deep truth dawned on him.

In a single moment. life became clear and the years of his mental suffering ceased.

Dave became aware of the simplicity of life and gained insight into the innocent misunderstanding that creates all mental suffering. Unsurprisingly he made the decision to focus on helping others to uncover their own true mental health and his journey since then has been joyful and fascinating. He has since travelled widely giving talks and working closely with a wide range of people in diverse settings.

Working with Nepali Psychology students after the 2015 Earthquake, Dave travelled to Nepal after the earthquakes in early 2016 to share this understanding with hospital staff, psychologists, school children and teachers. He subsequently travelled to South Africa to introduce staff at an eating disorder clinic to this profoundly effective approach to mental health and addiction. Dave has also spoken at conferences in the UK and abroad.and currently runs weekly groups/clinics as well as working with individual clients.

Through these simple yet profound principles Dave has found a peace of mind he could not have imagined was possible and shares his rediscovered love of life and passion for nature with all around him.