With Brett Chitty and Melanie Draper

We all have anxiety when wondering what will happen in the future. We have expectations of how we want to feel (or avoid feeling) in that future, whether that be a person to meet, an event to attend, or a situation to deal with.

In this evening talk, both Melanie and Brett will share stories of what having anxiety about the future did for them. Upon insight into how the human experience works, the anxiety fell away because they were now living in a paradigm that has resilience built-in and kept them in the moment. It brought about a confidence that they can live with common sense and practical solutions whatever life brings.

Melanie and Brett will also share, specifically, what it is that brought about the insight that anyone can have.

£5.00 – Pre-Book

£8.00 – At the door

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About Brett

Brett had no idea he had it backwards. It wasn’t until there was a moment in 2011, age 36, that he realised that everything he had learnt about life up to that point didn’t make sense.

An insight occurred in Brett’s life late 2015 when the logic of the Three Principles Paradigm was revealed to him. It transformed him by having a come-from that was explaining why he was thinking what he was thinking. Lots of unnecessary thinking came off his mind. He was living more from a paradigm that had resilience built in. He found himself on a path of evolution in a way that couldn’t have been thought of previously and continues today.

Brett is an international consultant of the Three Principles Paradigm.

About Melanie

Melanie is currently on maternity leave after the birth of her first child in November 2016, she lives with her partner Chris and Daughter Jessica in Milton Keynes where she has lived for the past 12 years.

After a career in material procurement working for a major house builder, Melanie trained with Innate Wellbeing for 12 months in 2015 after attending a weekend retreat learning about the principles. After a major breakthrough alleviating her own anxiety it felt only natural to work with others and share the understanding.

In November 2017 Melanie will also complete her 2nd-year practitioner training with Pause Place in London.

Melanie works with individuals on a one to one basis and is currently in the process of arranging online group meetings for stay at home Mums.