Food is an essential part of life. It gives us the sustenance to live and physically thrive.
However, that same life-sustaining force can and does plague many of us, innocently becoming a means of sedation, distraction, control or way to survive what feels hard and uncomfortable. Many of us become obsessed with food and how it makes us feel and look – our body image.

This obsessive focus often has serious implications for us and our day to day quality of life.

Come and hear from a range of panel members that have had different and powerful battles with food. Learn how they have found far more freedom and are less bound by the trap of misunderstanding that limited their ability to lead joyful and fulfilling lives. Food is no longer their enemy. Come and hear why.

Our panel will be facilitated by Jenny Anderson, featuring Estelle Cessman, Jennie Godfrey and Liora Cadrenal


About Jenny

Jenny Anderson is a 3 Principle facilitator and co-founder of  Innate Wellbeing and Three Principles Movies .

When Jenny started out on this learning, she never dreamt she would be a facilitator and trainer. However the impact of the Principles as well as Jenny’s popularity as a practitioner, have led her to facilitate groups around the world.

In more recent years Jenny Kennard travelled to Nepal to support the community following the earthquake (there is series of blogs documenting and recording their experiences) and