With Grayson Hart and Terry Rubenstein


Join Terry Rubenstein, Director of the Innate Health Centre and author of “Exquisite Mind” and “The Peach who Thought she had to be a Coconut” and Grayson Hart, international rugby player and facilitator of the inside out understanding  of the mind, to explore:

How to Feel Right when things go Wrong

Life is a contact sport – there is no doubt about – things do not always go to plan. The question that Terry Rubenstein and Grayson Hart have encountered in their own life struggles and will explore this evening will be:- “How do we respond or think about life when we are faced with daily or existential challenges such as  loss, relationship troubles, money issues, and general life stuff ?” 

Terry and Grayson will be inviting you to consider that because we live in the feeling of a thought generated reality 100% of the time, we are by implication of this,  not psychologically vulnerable to the outside world.  In fact, we can now discover and realise that we are operating from a creative and intelligent power that includes resilience, well-being, creativity, love, inner peace and wisdom. These are a few descriptors of what really lies at the heart of our psychological DNA and the way we work.

A deeper understanding of how we experience life from inside this logic of how the mind works will sort us out psychologically by pointing us in the direction of presence where we are aligned with the intelligent thinking we need to deal with all of life as it occurs. 

The good news is there is only ever one false barrier in the way of us experiencing more and more of our innate resilience – and that barrier is not life or us!!! Rather it is overlooking the fact that thought is divinely creating our felt experience. This is a constant and we can rely on this to be true always.  Knowing this one fact protects us from innocently but erroneously attributing this power to some other person or event such as the past, the future or a present circumstance.

Please join us as we challenge ourselves to see something new that could potentially reveal insightful knowledge for all of us in our lives – wherever we are and whatever we are facing.


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