What if addiction is merely a product of the mind? Or someone is addicted to a substance or a sensation because their thoughts have trapped them into a cycle which they believe they depend on?

At Beyond Recovery we have demonstrated that, regardless of their circumstances, people can have spontaneous insights that totally alter their mindset and therefore their lives.

People start to experience addiction when they innocently mistake where their feelings are coming from. Just imagine this – you feel bad (maybe even desperate) and then you take a substance or go for a run and you feel better (sometimes only temporary) but you associate the feeling better with the ‘thing’. What will you do? Well next time you have a feeling you want to get away from you turn to the ‘thing’. This is the cycle of addiction.

What about if the feeling of relief actually came from you? That instead of the thing changing your experience it was actually your own mind? Would that make addiction a lot simpler to treat?

We have seen that addictions are innocently misunderstood, that actually, all feelings are a product of the mind, and that all it takes is a realisation that there is more to you than what you believe; and that maybe we don’t have to fix our feelings, maybe there is a simpler, more accessible answer.

Join myself and Sally Wyse as we discuss the ripple effect of the work we’ve been doing and how treatment of addiction needs turning around!

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Hollows is the founder of Beyond Recovery CIC “I have been working within the criminal justice system (with support staff and inmates) sharing how our experience of life is created from our own minds. Through a fresh thought in any moment, a deeper level of common sense, connection and resilience is always available. As people learn how their minds work, they are impacted in all sorts of wonderful ways – they get ideas about how to create businesses, how to heal relationships, and how to help others. People start to have new thoughts and no longer feel trapped in a particular belief system. They stop taking compulsive thoughts so seriously. They find solutions to problems they thought were intractable. People change in ways that just is not possible through teaching techniques or systems. Even in prison people are finding humor, and connection, and joy and peace of mind. If that is possible in one small section of one prison– the universal possibilities are limitless!”

About Sally 

Sally was addicted to alcohol in varying degrees for over 30 years. She has been in 8 treatment centres and in 2014 nearly lost her life. Since finding the principles she has been sober for over 2 years and these days she never thinks about using alcohol to fix her feelings of dis-ease. Sally has never been as happy as she is now.  For the first time in her life,  she is able to experience true  peace of mind by knowing where her feelings and experiences come from.