Are We Ever Victims of Circumstance?

We all live with circumstances – situations, relationships, responsibilities – and naturally we think about them! At times can we feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or stuck and it appears as though our circumstances might be the barrier to our happiness and our freedom. The evidence in many places seems to confirm that this is the case.

Tess and Brett will be sharing the key factor they discovered that moved them from being victims of circumstance, to uncovering a source of common sense and resilience that became more and more readily available them, and allowed them to respond with insight and intelligence no matter how frequent or challenging the circumstances in their lives.
About Tess

“Discovering an explanation for our ever present capacity for renewal, resilience and creativity through the Three Principles Paradigm is simply the most profound and lasting discovery I have ever made. The impact on me and my family has been, and continues to be, transformational.”
Tess has a professional background in education and teaching, and now works as a consultant and facilitator with the Three Principles as a Paradigm understanding as well as supporting her home educated children who are experts in learning from the inside out. She particularly loves exploring the implications of the principles for transforming relationships and appreciating autism and neurodiversity, and runs regular courses on Understanding Resilience for parents through Bristol Autism Support.

About Brett: 
An insight into the Three Principles as a Paradigm set forth a cascade of revolutions in Brett’s life. As his personal transformations occurred, he found himself rethinking everything, looking anew at his work, health, relationships, and values. Innovation and evolution became more frequent occurrences. His appreciation grew as he explored more what a paradigm is, and with it the implications it has on a personal and social level. Currently Brett works as a mentor, facilitator, and consultant with the Three Principles as a Paradigm understanding.